Six Pack Abs Abdominal Workouts

To burn stomach fat, there are a lot of abdominal exercise you can do, but to get 6 pack abs, you need to be more focus and more organize about your abdominal workouts.

Abdominal Muscle

As you know the abdominals are split into 3 areas, the front(middle) abdominal muscles, the bottom abdominals muscle and side midsection of abdominal muscle.

To get the 6 pack abs, you need to work on your front abdominal muscle, the botton abdominals and side midsection of abdominal muscle.

Abdominal Workouts For Six Pack Abs

I found out that have the most comprehensive front, bottom and side abdominal muscle workout. It’s have 50+ exercises that allow you to work out your 6 pack abs – front, bottom and side abdominal muscle!

You can check out the whole list here:

50+ Shapefit Exercises

Personally, I like to use exercise or medicine ball to do my abdominal workout, but if you don’t have any equipment, you can try:

All this exercises I mention below have all the instruction and picture in the links above:

Exercise For Front Middle Abdominal Muscle

  • Abdominal Tuck Crunches For Six Pack Abs
  • Abdominal Toe Touchers For Six Pack Abs
  • Abdominal Sit Ups For Six Pack Abs
  • Fingers To Toes Abdominal Crunches For Six Pack Abs

Exercise For Bottom Abdominal Muscle

  • Flat Bench Abdominal Leg Raises For Six Pack Abs
  • Lying Reverse Abdominal Crunches For Six Pack Abs

Exercise for Side Midsection of Abdominal Muscle

  • Fingers To Heel Oblique Touchers For Six Pack Abs
  • Elbow To Knee Oblique Crunches For Six Pack Abs

30 Minutes Abdominal Workouts

I think you can easily spend hours to learn all this exercises, my advice is pick couple of your favorite one and start doing for 30 minutes a day. Balance the abdominal workout with front, bottom and side burning fat abdominal workout exercise. Soon you will see the different! And of course, you will need to get a healthy diet to go together with your 6 pack abs fitness exercise to get the maximum result


3 Simple Steps Abdominal Workout Using Exercise Ball

There are couple abdominal exercise, the easy one is you can use exercise ball as your abdominal workout.

Using medicine ball crunches on exercise ball for six pack abs is one of my favorite abdominal exercises.

What Is Medicine Ball?

A medicine ball also knows as an exercise ball. The size can be large and small. Use exercise ball as your rehabilitation, strength training and six pack abs training is very effective.

How To Exercise For – Your Six Pack Abs Using Exercise Ball

You can follow this step by step to learn how to use exercise ball for your abdominal workout:

  • First, use a large exercise ball, laid your back on the ball with your feet placed firmly on the floor. You lower back should be centered on the top of the large exercise ball.
  • Second, hold a small medicine ball securely over your head and crunch your upper body forward while keep the medicine ball overhead.
  • Then, contract your abs or abdominal muscle at the top of the movement. Return the the starting position and repeat the movement slowly.

This is one of my favorite ab workout, you can also using ab roller to get the same effective workout. This fitness exercise can burn your body fat and crunch your abdominal muscle like no other abdominal workout.

Happy doing your abdominal workout then;)

Abdominal Workouts : Most Effective?

There are a lot of type of abdominal workouts you can do, but which one will burn you the most fat and getting the result your want?

I think this report and study from Biomechanics Lab at San Diego State University, led by Peter Francis, Ph.D., will save you a lot of time and effort for getting most out of your abdominal workout! Sweet!

The study compared 13 abdominal workouts, ranging from the traditional ab crunch to more complicated activities, using at-home and gym equipment. And see which abdominal workouts is the best ab workouts that really strengthen the abdominal.

Abdominal Workouts
photo credit : howstuffwork
It’s a bit technical here to explain how they measure the “effectiveness” but what they do is …

They test out and rank the 13 exercises base on muscle stimulation that is measured with EMG in the rectus abdominus and the internal and external obliques.

Anyway, what you need to know or take away here is the order of the most effect abdominal workouts here:)

Here is the full list start from most effective abdominal workouts:

  1. Bicycle Maneuver Exercise.
  2. Captain’s Chair Exercise.
  3. Crunches on Exercise Ball
  4. Vertical Leg Crunch
  5. Torso Track
  6. Long Arm Crunch
  7. Reverse Crunch
  8. Crunch with Heel Push
  9. Ab Roller
  10. Plank or Hover Exercise.
  11. Traditional Crunch
  12. Exercise tubing pull
  13. Ab Rocker

Yeah, interesting huh? Now, you know the most effective abdominal workouts is Bicycle Maneuver Exercise. Personally, I think this 13 exercises is still not comprehensive enough to judge which one is the best. But if you ever have problem to choose which abdominal workout to do and the option happen to be on the list, then it’s BEST or common sense for you to pick : Bicycle Maneuver Exercise.

Bicycle Maneuver Exercise Photo

Best Abdominal Workouts
photo credit : about

Well if you ever wonder how this exercise work and look like, just google it. And of course, I will try to find out more photo for those exercise to make thing easy for you to understand how you can do those abdominal workouts too. Best of luck then;)

Abdominal Workouts Is Part Of Losing Stomach Fat Process

Hi, this is my first post for this abdominal workouts blog. I also have a blog that talk about losing stomach fat, but I just want to say that is abdominal workout is part of losing stomach fat process, but it’s whole new topic by itself.

Definitely, losing stomach fat wouldn’t help you get your sexy six pack abs but great abdominal workout will do that trick!

So I hope I do find the time to write more about abs exercise, abdominal workout and share more about my experience here:)

Wow, it’s feel great to have another blog … sorry I got carry away:P

Anyway, don’t worry, there are plenty of good abdominal workout information in the internet, and I will be your pointer here:)